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Thanks for visiting our Donation page. Here are some things we thought you should know about what we do and how we serve.

Why Give? The Impact

Sphere of Hip-Hop has been serving since 1997. SOHH’s reach and influence extends beyond our presence on the web. We support many offline outreaches & ministries to help them reach young fans of hip-hop music with something more. Through artist mentoring and consulting, we’re empowering artists and record labels from all over the world to approach their craft with excellence.

We have regular visitors from well over 125 countries around the world. We’ve shipped music to about 50 different countries and even some traditionally closed off to Christians. We’ve also gained respect in mainstream hip-hop circles and amongst many who generally won’t associate with faith based hip-hop.

A little help goes a long way towards being able to maintain, provide free services to artists, and to partner with outreaches & ministries around the world. It doesn’t take much resources to do a lot!

Monthly Donation

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