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Wut Metaphysical - Lay Down the Law EP (MP3)

Formats available: MP3 Download

Track list
1. Lay Down the Law
2. Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique (feat. Theory Hazit)
3. 8-Track (feat. Emcee Noiz)
4. Let the Beast Know
5. Inheritance (feat. Prefekt and Calmplex)
6. Neighborhood Take Back
7. Mystique (feat. Drastic and Wordsmith)
8. The Brasilian Connection (full version feat. Emcee Noiz)
9. Breathe Babylon (SOTL Remix Feat. Emcee Noiz)
10. Meta Man Chant

Release Date: August 17 2010
Label: Indie

New material from Wut Metaphysical after his sojourn into California. Shadow of the Locust reps strong on this including a remix of the classic "Breathe Babylon." Check out the 10 previously unreleased track album download. It features guests such as Theory Hazit, Remnant (formerly Remnant Militia), Emcee Noiz, and Wordsmith.

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