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Vision1 - Trials and Thorns (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Free (Produced by DJ Frantic)
2. My Music (Produced by Fab Da Eclectic)
3. Day at a Time Featuring Braille (Produced by Tony Stone)
4. It’s Alright (Produced by Vintage)
5. Out the Box Featuring Kaboose (Produced by Cold Truth)
6. My Everything Featuring Obstacle (Produced by Fab Da Eclectic)
7. Vision1 (Produced by Garlic Brown)
8. 4 Elements (Produced by Kritikul)
9. Sivion Interlude #1 (Produced by Sivion)
10. Come Correct Featuring Playdough (Produced by Theory Hazit)
11. Purest Form (Produced by Tony Stone)
12. We're Broke (Produced by Fab Da Eclectic)
13. So Excellent (Produced by Braille)
14. Get Live Featuring Sivion (Produced by Vintage)
15. Sivion Interlude #2 (Produced by Sivion)
16. Next Move (Produced by Tony Stone)
17. The One (Produced by Vintage)

Release Date: 2010
Label: ShadowFacts Records

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