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Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. A Long Road feat. Macho
2. T.R.'z
3. Bow Down feat. Dax, Macho and Raphi
4. Jet Lag interlude
5. Sev Statik
6. One's Who Do feat. Dax
7. Ladies feat. Elsie and Zane
8. 2 Cents feat. Dax, Macho, Raphi and Zane
9. Tunnel Vision feat. New Breed
10. God Said It
11. Line Finish feat. Elsie, Jurny and Sev Statik
12. For the Heads feat. Raphi and Sev Statik
13. Motivate feat. Raphi
14. Tripped Over a Dream feat. Dax, Elsie, Jurny and Zane
15. One’s Who Don't feat. Raphi
16. Master Plan feat. Macho
17. Pray for the Morning feat. Macho and Raphi
18. Change feat. Zane
19. Human Race feat. Elsie, Jurny and Raphi
20. Everybody Else feat. Macho
21. Remember feat. LPG

Release Date: 2001
Label: Uprok Records

The super crew returns for its first full project since 1997's Experience. Features several standout tracks and also the hit track TRz, as seen on the video and on MTV2. A must for your collection.

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