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To the Ends of the Earth Volume 1 (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. A Breath Away –- Sev Statik
Produced by JB
2. Waxing Philosophical - Future Shock feat. Jurny & Soup the Chemist
Produced by Ajax Starglider
3. Flipside –- Mars Ill
Produced by Harry Krum for Krummy Beats ascap
4. Innovate –- Tapwater feat. Flynn of LA Symphony
Produced by Flynn, Cuts by The Boogieboard
5. Phone Interlude –- Freddie Bruno
Produced by Freddie Bruno
6. Supreme Composition –- Phonetic Composition
Produced by Freddie Bruno for Untitled Sound
7. Attack of Words –- Labklik (Illtripp & Listener)
Produced by Illtripp
8. Come On –- Nomis, Artofact the Forgotten & Black Monk
Produced by Nomis
9. Case-n-Point –- The Foundation (Dokument & Jermz)
Produced by Jermz
10. Loss of Consciousness –- Cal Logic feat. Spontaneous & DJ Coy
Produced by Cal Logic
11. Blood Sweat & Tears –- Goldenchild feat. Alias, 8th Apostle & Imajin
Produced by Goldenchild
12. No Challengers –- Prism Cru All-Stars (VexDaVortex & Vocab Malone)
Produced by Illtrip
13. Half Full Half Empty –- Crown of Thorns
Produced by Tarik Robinson

Release Date: 2002 (re-issued in 2007)
Label: End of Earth

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