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Timothy Brindle - The Restoration... (MP3)

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Track list
1. The Ruin
2. The All-Sufficiency of Christ (feat. Tony of Hazakim)
3. The Darkness of My Heart
4. The Compassion of Christ
5. I'm the Problem (feat. shai linne)
6. The Pharisee and the Tax Collector (feat. Phanatik & Json)
7. The Great Exchange Pt. 1
8. Means of Grace (feat. shai linne, Melissa T & Pastor Lance Lewis)
9. The Daily Gospel
10. On the Blessing of the Blood of Christ with Rick Horne
11. Christ Restores... (My Identity, Affections & Image) (feat. Zae da Blacksmith & Stephen the Levite)
12. Restore My Vision (Pluck My Eyes Out!) (feat. Beautiful Eulogy)
13. Mercy Music (Come Home)
14. Take Ten Looks with Rick Horne
15. Lily (Floriana)
16. What Great Love is This?!? (Adoption) (feat. Believin Stephen)
17. The Heart of Christ
18. The Completeness Cypher (feat. The Lamp Mode 7)
19. The Restoration

Release Date: July 24, 2012
Label: Lamp Mode

Lamp Mode Recordings is excited to officially announce the details concerning Timothy Brindle's 3rd studio album. The album is titled The Restoration with one of the longest subtitles in music’s history! The full title is:

The Restoration: The All-Sufficiency of Christ in the Gospel of Grace to Restore Ruined Sinners to Himself for their Joy and His Glory.

With a title like that and Brindle's history of being thorough on albums, one should expect a lengthy album on how God used the Gospel to restore Timothy in all areas of life. Moving from that, Timothy explains how the Gospel is the means that God uses to restore all of His people back to Himself, as well as all of creation. It is safe to assume that while this album is personal to Timothy, it is universal enough for all to enjoy.


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