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Thisl - Chronicles of an X-Hustler (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. I Forgive You
2. You're the One (feat. Pastor AD3)
3. On my Grind (feat. Brotha Tone)
4. Set the Scene-Lil Homie
5. Picture on A Shirt
6. Windows Down
7. LifeLine
8. Set the Scene-Birth
9. I Aint Turning Back (feat. Flame)
10. Baby Girl (feat. Pastor AD3)
11. I Hate You (Crack)
12. Indentity Shift-Brothers (feat. Blair Wingo)
13. Urban Missionary
14. Daddy Did Me
15. Set the Scene-Redemption
16. Still Standing Here (feat. Fitzgerald)

Release Date: August 11, 2009
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Flame, 116 Clique, Lecrae

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