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Theory Hazit - Thr3e (CD)

Formats available: CD + Instant MP3 Download

Track list
1. Thr3e Intro
2. Find M3
3. What Li3s B3neath
4. Ol D3rty Hazit
5. Int3rlude
6. Angel Pt. 2
7. I N3ed You Mor3 Than 3ver
8. For Lack of a B3tter Word
9. As the3 Day Go3s By3
10. Chang3 Gonna Com3
11. Distort3d Joy
12. Doomsday Insuranc3
13. Jo Jo Danc3r

Production: 1-13 Dert

Release Date: January 10, 2012
Label: Humble Beast

Similar Artists: Scribbling Idiots, Dert, Sivion, Braille


Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
Based on 1 review
D Man Sammy 6 years ago

I have to be honest, I was expecting a bunch of that good ol' battle-rapping, heavy punchline-laden, boom-bap stuff that so many of us expect from Theory, but the direction he chose to take for this album was surprisingly refreshing. Don't get me wrong, it's not like that stuff WASN'T in the album (songs 1 and 3 will satisfy you if that's what you're looking for); it's just that that wasn't his focus, it seemed to me. It was a lot more biblically based compared to past albums, and with somewhat of a sense of urgency--like he was trying to enlighten as many people as possible. I dunno, I could be reading too deep into it. Haha! Either way, it was refreshing to hear a, "for lack of a b3tter word", "mature" sound from this well-seasoned vet. I've been a huge fan ever since hearing his Extra Credit and Lord Fire albums a few years ago. As for the production, all high expectations were met. Excellent stuff from Dert, as always. So once again, if you're looking for the kind of sound you expect from Theory, you may be disappointed; but if you're interested in hearing something somewhat different and intriguing from our favorite Winchester-born triple threat, then you're in for a eartastic treat. :) Great stuff, Mr. Hazit! God bless!

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