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theBREAX - When theBREAX Sold Out (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Ready to Sell Out
Produced by Nathan Soultrain
2. BREAX Is Everywhere
Produced by Name Brand
3. Wake Up (feat. Rufat)
Produced by Ruslan, bassline by Name Brand
4. Get Ignorant
Produced by Ruslan
5. Its West Coast (feat. Kinfolk & Roc Rok)
Produced by Soleternity
6. Swing
produced by Name Brand, co produced by Ruslan, Live bass by Mic B
7. Two Miles an Hour
Produced by Beleaf Melanin, co produced by Ruslan, Name Brand
8. I Got It (feat. Yung Tage, & Proverb the Poet)
Produced by Rocwilder
9. More
Produced by Name Brand, co produced by Ruslan
10. Bang Bang
Produced by MotionPlus
11. Baby I’m Gone (feat. TruthBTold, & Afaar)
Produced by Steve Stanz
12. Wanna to Love
Produced by Name Brand
13. Bumper Sticker
Produced by Ruslan

Release Date: April 1, 2008
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Pop rap, West coast hip-hop and lyricism, Future Shock, Lightheaded, 4th Avenue Jones and Adeem