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The Much Luvv Fam - The Next... Now (2CD)

Formats available: CD (double disc)

Track list

Disc 1: The Next
1. Good News Music
2. Turn It Up
3. What I Am - Lo Que Soy feat. P.I.F.
4. Intercession feat. Japhia Life and 4th Avenue Jones
5. Rock Starz feat. Sev Statik and Tony
6. Shoulda Seen It Comin' feat. Holy Ghost Squad
7. What's That
8. What's Wrong feat. J-Silas and R-Swift
9. Simply Love feat. God's Remedy
10. My Story feat. Platinum Souls
11. Wolverine Sessions feat. Remnant and Reconcile
12. New Day feat. Second Nature
13. Givin' Much Luvv Back

Disc 2: Now!
1. ThisIsHowWeDoIt
2. Burn
3. I'm Here Now feat. V-Zilla
4. Marvelous
5. Underdawgs
6. I'll Never Know
7. Why Oh! feat. Pigeon John and Promise D' Apostle
8. Vile Passions feat. Tonex
9. Own Up
10. Stereotypes feat. KJ-52 and Braille
11. Show Luvv
12. The Gatekeeperz feat. Sean Slaughter

Release Date: June 24, 2006
Label: Much Luvv Records