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Swoope - Wake Up (MP3)

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Track list
1. Ideality Prelude
2. Ideality
3. Fantasy
4. Schizo/ Hollow Dreams interlude (feat. Tedashii)
5. Blind eyes [The Good American] (feat. Christon Gray)
6. Mirage (feat. Bleecker)
7. Dreamslave/ Murder Me prelude (feat. Christon Gray & Eshon Burgundy)
8. Murder Me/ Eulogy interlude
9. Faith Walk (feat. Nicole Serrano)
10. Time/Lullaby prelude
11. Lullaby
12. No Impostors (feat. G Skinn and Malachi)
13. Aesthetic/ Beautiful Rise prelude(feat. Christon Gray)
14. The Beautiful Rise (feat. Sho Baraka)
15. WLAK (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray & Sho Baraka)

Release Date: March 20, 2012
Label: Collision Records


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