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Swoope - Wake Up (CD)

Formats available: CD (w/ MP3 Download)

Track list
1. Ideality Prelude
2. Ideality
3. Fantasy
4. Schizo/ Hollow Dreams interlude (feat. Tedashii)
5. Blind eyes [The Good American] (feat. Christon Gray)
6. Mirage (feat. Bleecker)
7. Dreamslave/ Murder Me prelude (feat. Christon Gray & Eshon Burgundy)
8. Murder Me/ Eulogy interlude
9. Faith Walk (feat. Nicole Serrano)
10. Time/Lullaby prelude
11. Lullaby
12. No Impostors (feat. G Skinn and Malachi)
13. Aesthetic/ Beautiful Rise prelude(feat. Christon Gray)
14. The Beautiful Rise (feat. Sho Baraka)
15. WLAK (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray & Sho Baraka)

Release Date: March 20, 2012
Label: Collision Records


Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
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Michael Handkins 6 years ago

Swoope always delivers delectable wordplay well infused with raw truth! The way he puts "the good life" (as Trip would put it) into perspective is certainly the "wake up" call our culture needs. I've been loving his work ever since the beginning. Crazy lyricist and he's certainly proved himself as quite a musician. I'm really glad he included that Time remix. I loved the lyrics from the beginning on The Zoo but was never really feeling the beat. DJ Official's remix on this album did the trick! Keep it up!

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