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Download Deluxe includes 13 instrumentals.

This project benefits our CD Outreach Program. We partner with at risk youth outreaches in 15 countries to provide music for the leaders to use as tools for the youth. To date, we've donated over 55,000 CDs to these programs. Your support of this project helps us to continue impacting those programs and youth around the world.

Track list

1. Sivion "Soul Design"
2. Adam L "Hold Tight"
3. Verbal Kwest "Good Enough"
4. Customary "What's the Point"
5. Nomadik Vagabond "Balancing Act (feat. Braille)"
6. NewBreed MC "ReFresh (feat. SeAn Prominent & Relic)"
7. Tres Dueces "Land of the Lost"
8. Die-Rek "Sound Doctrine"
9. Smurf Village "Fall"
10. Rafa El "Gone (feat. Ozay Moore)"
11. Tres Dueces "Social Misfits"
12. Paradox "Won't Happen (feat. Sean Patrick)"
13. NomiS "Therapy"
14. Boombox Titans "Pause & Reflect"
15. Sojourn "Closer"

Release Date: November 13, 2015
Label: Sphere of Hip-Hop


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