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Soup the Chemist - Dust (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. The Return Of
2. Language of Imagination
3. My Shot
4. Gaiety
5. Interlude
6. Fresh Coast feat. Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones
7. Photographs feat. SP
8. How Do You Like Your Hip-Hop?
9. Art
10. Walls
11. As the Sun Rises feat. Jon Gibson
12. Zone feat. Elevated
13. Top Ramen Nites
14. Sup the Chemist
15. Venality feat. Joey the Jerk and bTwice
16. I-15 Worth (L.V. Here I Come)
17. Here feat. DJ Melo-D of the World Famous Beat Junkies
18. Is this a Dream? feat. Project86

Release Date: 200
Label: Uprok Records

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Keeney 5 years ago

This album is and has been my favorite for over a decade. The lyrics are absolutely amazing. This guy has real talent and his delivery is above reproach. I HIGHLY recommend this album.