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Soul the Interrogator - Prawdukt (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Intro (Produced by Nickels)
2. Game Face (Produced by Apoulo)
3. Duck Down feat. Grynch (Produced by Pretty Boi)
4. Me vs. The Devil (Produced by Bean One)
5. Anatomical Minds feat. Josh Donnell (Produced by Smoke of Oldominion)
6. Prawdukt (Produced by Apoulo)
7. Supercede feat. Petty P. (Produced by Nickels)
8. Soap Opera (Produced by Nickels)
9. Been Waitin’ feat. Jazz Digga (Produced by Bean One and Isaac Meek)
10. Run
11. Haterville (Produced by CNIK)
12. Swagtacular feat. Celine Gorski (Produced by Smoke of Oldominion)
13. What Happened (Produced by Nickels)
14. The Ropes feat. Indijinis (Produced by CNIK)
15. Why Is It So Hard? Feat. Nickels, Kap II (Produced by Nickels)

Release Date: 2008
Label: End of Earth