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Shai Linne - The Attributes of God (MP3)

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Track list
1. The Perfection of Beauty (feat. Blair Linne)
2. The Glory of God (Not to Us)
3. Taste and See
4. Our God Is In the Heavens (feat. God's Servant)
5. The Holiness of God (Reprise)
6. Mercy and Grace (feat. Timothy Brindle)
7. Lord of Patience (feat. Melissa T.)
8. All-Consuming Fire
9. Perfect Love (feat. Monielle)
10. Faithful God (feat. Chris Cobbins & Sovereign Grace Kids)
11. Judge of All the Earth (feat. Sovereign Grace Kids)
12. The Jealous One (feat. J.R.)
13. The Omnis (feat. Andy Mineo, Giano & Omri)
14. Self-Sufficiency By Timothy Brindle
15. Triune Praise Remix

Release Date: November 1, 2011
Label: Lamp Mode Recordings