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Sev Statik & Vinylcologist - Sinderblock EP (MP3)

$0.99 Album Download! All proceeds benefit SOHH's youth outreach program in countries around the world.

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Track list
1. Say Peace
2. Right and Exact
3. Sacrifice
4. Life Sentence
5. Represent 'Chall
6. Step Lightly
7. Bonkers (feat. Dephyant & Gorilla Tao)

Release Date: March 6, 2012
Label: Indie


Customer Reviews

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anonymous 6 years ago

If you have listened to Sev Statik and Stu Dent in the past, this is as close as Sev has come to a blend of the two styles. Represent Chall and Step LIghtly are highlights, Bonkers is another good track. If you like Sev, you will like this album.

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