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Proverb - A Common Man's Opus (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Warm Em’ Up
2. The Genesis
3. Never Quit – featuring JDub
4. You (Pj’s Song)
5. Audio Adrenaline – featuring DJ Morphiziz
6. D.O.W.N. – featuring Tiffany Port
7. The Fishbowl
8. True Love Song
9. Get At It
10. Audio Adrenaline (Remix) – featuring L.E.X. (Christ Affiliates) & DJ Morphiziz

Release Date: 2007
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: 1Way, DJ Morphiziz

If you know about that 1Way crew, then you know Proverb. He finally (I know I’ve been fiending for a minute) drops some new material for us. It’s as strong as ever and he even drops some hot beats as well. Look for guests including: DJ Morphiziz, Jdub, Tiffany Port and Christ Affiliates. Hit up the preview link to sample some of the songs.