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Propaganda - Listen Watch Focus (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Intro produced by Leclaybang
2. Rise feat. Dax produced by Stro
3. Listen Watch Focus produced by Apakalyps
4. Feel Me produced by Donnavan Luke Henry
5. Return of the Juke Joint feat. Zane produced by Apakalyps
6. Say Good Lord feat. New Breed produced by THE BISHOP AMAT KITE FLYING SOCIETY
7. Interlude
8. Move produced by Motoe blizzid
9. Tale of 2 Ladies produced by Donnavan Luke Henry
10. Fatherless produced by Motoe blizzid
11. Canvas feat. Tsaka One produced by CHOICE 37
12. Me & The Boys produced by Motoe Blizzid
13. Run produced by Motoe Blizzid
HIDDEN BONUS TRACK – So Nice To Meet You produced by Motoe Blizzid

Release Date: 2008
Label: Audio Sketch Book

Similar Artists: Tunnel Rats, KRS One, Mos Def, Poems, Othello, Incubus

With thirteen bangers featuring a wide array of concepts, topics and time signatures, Propaganda’s project truly lives up to its name. Propaganda brings to the table insight stemming from one of the most diverse backgrounds in music today. His experience as a Teacher in the inner city, a drug counselor, a Youth Pastor, a Visual Artist and a Dancer—all lead to the creation one of the most well rounded, and relevant albums the world has seen in ages.

Look for clever word play and powerful verses from Propaganda and others such as Dax, Poems, Zane, New Breed, and Tshaka One to name a few. In addition, expect hard-hitting beats produced by Tunnel Rat member Donovan Luke Henry. Tracks from STRO of The Procussions, CHOICE 37, Apakalyps, and Canada’s own Motoe Blizid complete the project. Expect sounds ranging from soulful cruising music to neck breaking Hip-Hop that California is known for.

This is an Album any real Hip- Hop fan must add to their collection. It is fun, insightful and truly inspirational. The world definitely should “Listen, Watch and Focus” on Propaganda and this album.