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Playdough - Lonely Superstar (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. You will listen
2. Seeds Of Abraham
3. 5 Cent needleheads
4. Clappy Valentino
5. Shadow dance
6. Lonely superstar
7. Freedom fighters
8. Simple 1
9. Verbal tea
10. Retract the feedback
11. Mr. Mike R. Phone
12. Soul brothers
13. 1/4 Inchin
14. Palm sunday
15. Supreme service

Release Date: 2002
Label: Uprok Records

Similar Artists: ill harmonics, Deepspace 5, Mars ILL, Phonetic Composition, Freddie Bruno, Sintax the Terrific, LMNO

Playdough gives the fans what they wanted – a dope solo debut project. This one is stuffed with lyrics and hot production. Joining Playdough are guests: LMNO, Jurny Big of LPG, Freddie Bruno, Mars ILL, Joey the Jerk and J Beits of LA Symphony.

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