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Peace 586 - 586 (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. 586
2. The difference
3. Tru ’ Ndeed
4. Reasons – featuring Jurny Big
5. Itchin
6. You hear – featuring Sup the Chemist
7. Questions
8. The deal
9. Boom zoom
10. Peace of praise

Release Date: 2001
Label: Uprok Records

Similar Artists: Freedom of Soul, SFC, Soup the Chemist, Tunnel Rats, Jurny Big

This is a re-issue of a solid comeback effort from Peace 586. Long time friends, and emcees, Jurny Big & Soup the Chemist join ex-Freedom of Soul frontman on the mic. 586 provides all the production including a dope instrumental piece called Peace Of Praise.