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Paradox - Called To Mind (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Stay Tuned
2. Broken
3. Help Wanted
4. Bloodline feat. Mellow Drum Addict, Sev Statik
5. Groundwork
6. White Noise feat. Common Child, Propaganda, Afaar
7. On Second Thought
8. Hard Rock feat. SameOldJake, Othello (Produced by Beat Rabbi)
9. Snapshots feat. Metermaids: Sentence & Swell
10. Life Of An Artist feat. Jeremiah Bonds
11. Put’em Together
12. Let Your Life Speak feat. Gina Chavez
13. Brief Interruption feat. Kaboose
14. Obstacles
15. Ruined For Life

Release Date: 2008
Label: End of Earth

Similar Artists: Early Eminem, Deepspace 5, Afaar, Othello

Not your average rapper, Paradox has something to tell you and plenty vocabulary to do it. From witty wordplay, braggadocios punch-lines, and more straight-forward jams to heartfelt storytelling, thought-provoking introspection, and serious listening music, his is hip hop with a purpose. Having joined forces with the impressive End of Earth Records roster, Paradox presents his sophomore solo effort, "Called To Mind." All beats for the project, minus one track produced by Beat Rabbi of Deepspace5 (Illect Recordings), were manhandled by Elliot B., who has worked with such independent heavyweights as Josh Martinez, Qwel, 2Mex, Eyedea, Braille, Sleep of Oldominion, and fellow Portland-residents, the Sandpeople. A sneak preview of what this emcee/producer duo could build was presented on the Syntax Records compilation, "Night Owls 4: A Shot in the Dark," which featured the widely-praised paradox and Elliot B. track "Live & Direct." For "Called To Mind," Paradox enlisted the considerable skills of fellow emcees Othello (of Lightheaded), Metermaids (Sentence and Swell), Kaboose (Syntax Records), Jeremiah Bonds (Syntax Records), and Sameoldjake. The album also features EOE family members, Sev Statik (of Deepspace5 and Tunnel Rats), Propaganda (of Tunnel Rats), Mellow Drum Addict, Common Child, and Afaar, and the talents of fellow Austin musician, Gina Chavez, whose vocals add a haunting, melodic note throughout. Drawing on experiences from two-years spent as a third-world country volunteer and as a high school Theology teacher, "Called To Mind" shows Paradox to be no rookie on the mic with him spitting observational wisdom like a true old soul.