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Ohmega Watts - The Find (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Intro
2. Where it all started – featuring DJ DNA
3. That sound – featuring Lightheaded, The Procussions and Noelle of the Rebirth
4. You are now tuned in – featuring Adam L & DJ Bombay
5. Interlude 1: Journey
6. Full swing – featuring Neogen and Deacon
7. A request
8. Mind power
9. Your love – featuring Tiffany Simpson
10. Treasure hunt – featuring Sugar Candy
11. Groovin’ on sunshine
12. Interlude 2: At the oasis
13. The find – featuring Stro the 89th Key
14. Saturday Night Live – featuring Surreal and Sharlok Poems
15. Interlude 3: The harder they come
16. The treatment – featuring Manchild, Braille and Big Rec
17. Stay tuned – featuring Sojourn
18. Interlude 4: Ya’ll there?
19. Floor rock
20. Move!
21. Long ago – featuring Othello
22. Outro/Dream on

Release Date: 2005
Label: Ubiquity

Similar Artists: Lightheaded, The Procussions, Surreal, Othello, Theory Hazit, Scribbling Idiots

Quite possibly one of the most important indie hip-hop release to drop in years, Ohmega Watts turns out a phenomenal record sure to garner much critical acclaim. It’s rare that a record has: great production, great lyrics from lead emcee and guests, great artwork etc. The Find nails it. If you snooze, you’ll kick yourself for not getting this right away. A huge selling debut for us!