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Ohmega Watts - Pieces of a Dream (2xLP vinyl)

Formats available: 2xLP Vinyl Record

Limited to 300 copies on clear snow white vinyl. Order early or be shut out. Scheduled for an October 16, 2013 release and will begin shipping October 19. All orders receive immediate MP3 Download. Please visit the FAQ / Help page for information on our Pre-order Policy.

Track list

1. Higher
2. Cosmo Knotts (feat. Stefan Otto)
3. Get Live!
4. Yo! (feat. Adam L & Kizzie)
5. Juswanna
6. A Tale of Love (feat. Stefan Otto)
7. Dream Sequence (feat. Collete Chantel)
8. Good Fun (feat. Nino Moschella)
9. Suspended Animation
10. Icarus (feat. Catalina Bellizzi)
11. Discovery
12. Rocka Rhyme (feat. Money Matt)
13. Elementary
14. Ode to Brooklyn (feat. DJ Manwell)

Release Date: October 16, 2013
Label: Mellow Orange


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