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NIFTY - The Ones (MP3)

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Track list
1. Give it Up (One Gathering)
2. Christ-Like (One Mind) feat. DJ Versatile
3. Praise (One God) feat. NevaHurd
4. Crooked Preachers (One-Sided View)
5. Missing Link (One Parent Missing)
6. Sex 2.0 (Wait for the One)
7. (Un)Changed (One Kind of Love)
8. The Journey (One Way) feat. Spoken and Relic
9. Pride (One Sin) feat. Relic & Die-Rek
10. Greater is HE (The War is Won) feat. Tyshan Knight
11. BONUS TRACK (This One's a Secret)

Release Date: 11/11/2011
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Da Truth, Eric Cross, Jay-Z

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faith 6 years ago

It's amazing. I think the lyrics are great