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Name Basic - The Subtle Stampede (CD)

Formats available: CD + Bonus Download of album instrumentals

Track list
1. Initiation (feat. Davey Rockit)
2. The AHead Trip
3. Throwing Voices (feat. Movement of TSD, Manchild of Mars ILL & Davey Rockit)
4. Swing Set (feat. Source One of TSD)
5. Just One (feat. Davey Rockit)
6. The Subtle Stampede (feat. Source One of TSD)
7. Shell Shock
8. Isn’t She? (Beat By Ohmega Watts)
9. Let (feat. Source One of TSD)
10. On Time
11. Time Out
12. Darkness Into Light
13. March On

Release Date: 2010
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Mars ILL, Braille, Ohmega Watts