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Michael Manasseh - Mikestands (the re-issue) (MP3)

Formats available: MP3 Album Download

Track list
1. Welcome
2. Haven’t I?
3. 4:20
4. Nutshell feat. DJ Jafar
5. Fresh Dressed feat. DJ Jafar
6. Street Signs feat. DJ Jafar
7. Bells feat. Allison Rae Taylor
8. Grey Rainbows feat. Adam L
9. Fantastic feat. Ababstract
10. Welcome to Reality feat. DJ Jafar
11. Love Life feat. Adam L
12. Davine
13. Make It Happen feat. Eidreveni
14. Standards
15. Fist Together feat. The Alliance
16. Growing Time
17. Despite [bonus track]
18. Fly Away feat. Soul Smith [bonus track]
19. Castles and Dungeons [bonus track]
20. Bless the Sun [bonus track]
21. Great Day [bonus track]

Release Date: 2009
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: dusty groove based indie hip-hop, Adam L, DJ Jafar

Long time Oklahoma City underground mc, and producer, Michael Manasseh is making his national debut with the reissuing of his solo debut album Mikestands which is available in its raw uncut original form, 21 tracks for that preverbial back side!

This re-issue has 5 extra songs not included on the original release. The extra songs were released on an EP called Great Day.