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MG! the Visionary - Transparemcee (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Intro
2. U-Trip
3. ‘Sponsible
4. That Cru – featuring Smoke
5. Seeds
6. Cruise
7. Scared As… – featuring Pigeon John
8. To The Light – featuring Pauly Paul
9. Otherside
10. Interlude
11. Choose
12. Compliments Of…
13. For Real – Rock Your World
14. Intimate Rythm – featuring Pauly Paul
15. Ruckus Bringa – featuring Page One
16. Goodnight

Release Date: 2000
Label: Uprok Records

Similar Artists: 3NP!, Smoke, Pauly Paul, Paul Wright, Lojique, Othello, Lightheaded, Ohmega Watts, Pigeon John, ill harmonics, John Reuben

His debut solo project after several indie releases under the 3NP! moniker. Some really hot songs and production on this one. Pretty catchy and sprinkled with great guest appearances as well. Guests: Pigeon John, Smoke, Pauly Paul, Lojique and more.