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Manchild of Mars ILL - Insider Volume 5 (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Scared For My Life
2. Know Your Name
3. I Remember (Feat. Sintax the Terrific)
4. Thank God
5. The Fury (Feat. Alabaster Kin)
6. Craft Dodgers
7. Good It's Gon' Be
8. Persistence (Feat. Sco A.T.K.)
9. Ya'll Don't Cry
10. That's How It's Done (Feat. Phynite)
11. Laugh At You
12. Maybe
13. The Sweet Science

Release Date: 2010
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Mars ILL, Deepspace5, Playdough, Sintax the Terrific

Manchild of Mars ILL did a monthly EP series that was available exclusively via a subscription service. Now these songs are available in CD format.