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LPG - The Earthworm (MP3)

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Track list
1. A Place Called Hip Hop
2. Hour Glass
3. Worst Enemy Greatest Allie
4. Earthworm
5. Too Late
6. Judge Not (feat. Pigeon John)
7. Deafening Silence (feat. Future Shock & Raphi)
8. Slaughter (feat. Raphi)
9. Great To Be Dead
10. Then Came Dawn (feat. Raphi)
11. I Wonder

Release Date: 1995
Label: Brainstorm

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
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Minister "Maestro" James Pugh 6 years ago

When the "Worm" dropped, it brought sheer joy to my heart - hearing the Word of God pound so mercilessly into my heart's ears. Still to this very day, I reflect and listen to this project where ABSOLUTELY EVERY SONG is a sure shot as well as a hit.... ...all the underestimate the power of this witness may have already full well missed the boat.

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