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LPG - 360 (MP3)

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Track list
1. Fade Away
2. Chain Reaction (feat. DJ Rip One)
3. Pen Player (feat. DJ Kair One)
4. Must (feat. Self Jupiter and DJ Rip One)
5. Abandoned
6. Battle Cry
7. Listenin'
8. Title Takin' (feat. Raphi and DJ Kair One)
9. World War III (feat. Ahmad and DJ Rip One)
10. Collision
11. A Place Called Hip Hop (feat. DJ Phyz Ed)
12. D.O.A.
13. Stargazer (feat. Racquel Benavidez)
14. Crew (feat. Redbonz of Future Shock)
15. Thinkin' Out Loud (feat. Zane)
16. 360

Release Date: 1998
Label: Solar Music Group

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