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L.A. Symphony - Disappear Here (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Finland intro
2. Timeless – featuring DJ Rhetmattic
3. Put Up or Shut Up
4. Money Song
5. Universal – featuring MURS
6. Dance Like
7. Funky Music
8. Hold On
9. C’est La Vie – featuring Tonex
10. Grand piano
11. Give – featuring Jenilee Reyes
12. Pops song
13. Less Than Zero
14. Rise – featuring Kiz Charasmatic
15. Don’t Call Me

Release Date: 2005
Label: Gotee Records

Similar Artists: Pigeon John, FLYNN, Cookbook & Uno Mas, Sharlok Poems, Joey the Jerk, bTwice, Brainwash Projects, Root Beer, De La Soul, Visionaries

Arguably the strongest material yet from the LAS crew, Disappear Here finds them making some heavy musical moves. Fun lyrical raps backed with some of the nicest production Ive heard in a while. Guests include: Madlib, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Soup the Chemist, DJ Rhetmatic and Great Jason.