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Kingston - In The City (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. I’m Back
2. Put Your Hands Up
3. Life in the City
4. Speaking Murder
5. Can’t Stop
6. Pray For Me
7. Run They Mouth
8. Cle Anthem
9. Da Cypha
10. Game Won’t Change featuring Coko Korinne
11. Understand
12. Hidden Track

Production by Doc Watson and Pro. Guest appearances from Andale, Pro, eYe Q, Eric C, and Coko.

Release Date: 2008
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Flame, LeCrae, Da Truth, Applejaxx, Trip Lee

Description provided by artist:

Life in the City is an album just about that, Life in the City. We attack different subjects and try to provide and outlet for those that need a way out from a Christian perspective. The album touches on all different subjects. This album is an excellent follow up of the first album that Kingston dropped, “Absolute Truth”. If one was to compare the two they would say that the new album is more aggressive and shows growth in production and lyrical ability. The album is rich and deep with lyrical content, as well as the bangin’ beats from Doc Watson and Pro. The album also provides some features from artist you may be familiar with such as Andale, Pro and IQ. Do not miss out on the sweet vocals of Coko Korinne on “The Game Wont Change”. Bottom line the album is CRAZY.