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K-Drama - Winds and Waves (MP3)

Formats available: Download

Track list

1. Fwd
2. Rocket
3. Hold My Own
4. You Don't Need That
5. Shine (feat. Lindsay Orr)
6. Can I Be Honest?
7. Let It All Go
8. Getting Up
9. Stadium Praise
10. Hundred or a Thousand
11. What Can Man Do to Me?
12. If You Don't Hear Me (feat. Sunny Jones)
13. Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Ricardo Lambert, Deacon D.A.S. and Matthew Bracey)
14. Working Out for My Good (feat. Charde Jones)
15. I Surrender
16. We Belong to the Lord (feat. D Maub)

Release Date: September 24, 2013
Label: Indie


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