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JustMe - Before the Twilight (MP3)

Formats available: Download or Deluxe Download

Deluxe Download includes album, instrumental, acapella.

Track list
1. A Curse and a Blessing
2. Kentucky Chrome
3. How I Met Your Mother featuring Lauren Lynn
4. A Willing Vessel
5. Children of the Light featuring Cas Metah and Ruffian
6. Open Your Eyes featuring Wonder Brown
7. Dues and Dont’s
8. Third Round KO
9. Look at Me
10. All I Know featuring Mira Beth
11. Traveling Mercies featuring Theory Hazit
12. Twilight
13. Made Me Think

Release Date: 2009
Label: ILLECT Recordings

Similar Artists: Scribbling Idiots, Theory Hazit, Lightheaded, Braille, Deepspace5, Mars ILL, Solseekers, Tunnel Rats

2009 brings JustMe's sophomore solo effort Before The Twilight. With up-and-coming producer Commissioner Gordon handling the beats on all but one track, JustMe proves that his greatest asset as an emcee is his storytelling ability. JustMe weaves yarns with a rhythm and cadence that draws in listeners of all ages and backgrounds. He tells tales of lessons learned through his many travels and travails.

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