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Jupiter 7 - Rocksteady (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Dedicated
2. Get Em
3. Move
4. Battle Rap feat. Wonder Brown, Enoch. Cuts by DJ Etcha Sketch
5. Cops & Robbers
6. Jive Talk
7. Raw Elements feat. Dirt. Cuts by DJ Etcha Sketch
8. DJ Interlude Cuts by J Werley
9. Get Down feat. Kalene Tanaka. Cuts by J Werley
10. Wifey
11. Do My Thing feat. Veronica Ewings
12. Table Top Session
13. Classics Cuts by J Werley
14. This Love feat. Veronica Ewings
15. Help

Release Date: 2009
Label: War Tour

Similar Artists: Lyrical hip-hop

Rocksteady is produced by J7 along with contributions from 32 Floz out of New York and another by Dirt from Shadow of the Locust. Guests on the mic include Dirt (Shadow of the Locust), Wonder Brown (Scribbling Idiots), and scratches by DJ Etcha Sketch and J Werley (the WAR TOUR).