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Json - Life on Life (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Life On Life Intro
2. Catch (Interlude)
3. Run
4. Music
5. Turning Point
6. What It Do (feat. Titus and Trip Lee)
7. Listening Choice (feat. Tedashii)
8. My Heart Your Home (feat. Dawndia from Cho'zyn)
9. I Do
10. Glory Revealed (Interlude)
11. Sitting Big
12. Fight (feat. Thi'sl and Mike Real)
13. Who Is He (feat. Lecrae)
14. Give You Me (Interlude)
15. Ladies and Fellas (feat. J.R. and Dawndia from Cho'zyn)
16. Move Out (feat. Future and Flame)
17. The Studio (Contest)
18. Grow
19. Outro
20. Grace (feat. J.R.)

Release Date: August 9, 2008
Label: Lamp Mode Recordings

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