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Jordan Copas - The Playground (MP3)

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Track list
1. Intro
2. He Holds the World (feat. Deshawn White)
3. Through the Fire (feat. Marcos Stony)
4. Get By (feat. Tony Stone)
5. Choice to Make
6. Breakthrough
7. Seen Change (feat. Benjah)
8. Elevate
9. Training Day (feat. R-Swift)
10. Fight for the Good
11. Pass It On
12. Hallelujah (feat. Tia Glass)
13. My Inspiration (feat. Kraig Berglund)
14. Spread the Love (feat. Synphany)
15. Real Hip-Hop
16. Awesome God (feat. Pastor Godair)
17. Aggrandize (feat. K-Drama)
18. Run to the Light
19. Christ Zone (feat. Pastor Orlando)

1, 19 Synphany
2-5, 11-13, 18 Tony Stone
6, 8 Battle Axe
7, 9, 14 Marv4MoBeats
10, 15 TMak
16 J.R.
17 K-Drama

Release Date: 2011
Label: Indie

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
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Jonathan 6 years ago

Jordan Copas of JKA Records/Full Grind Entertainment recently released his first album, The Playground. This album is a lengthy one, but for the most part it is good. Debut albums usually are pretty unimpressive, but this one has a few really good songs on it (a few not so good ones too though). Jordan is a relatively new Christian; he asked Christ into his heart in 2007, but this album shows really great spiritual maturity especially since he has only been a Christian for four or five years now. If I were to try and compare his music to someone I guess you could say it is a mix between Manafest and The Ambassador. Jordan explains in the "Intro" that The Playground is based off the concept that the world is a huge playground. He says that every playground has a bully, and Satan happens to be the world's bully. He goes on to say that we all need a savior, which is Jesus. The track transitions right into the first real song, "He Holds the World," which shows some really good stuff from Jordan. Deshawn White does a great job as a guest vocalist, and overall the track was done very well. I am going to go ahead and jump to the best song on the album: "Seen Change." Benjah definitely made this track so much better. He absolutely killed it on this song and he is as good as I have seen on this track. The mix between Jordan and Benjah is awesome; they sound really awesome on the same song. I love what the song is talking about as well, which is that when we become Christians it should be evident in our lives. People should see a change on the outside, and people should want to be like us - like God. Another really good song is "Training Day" with R-Swift. This song makes me want to go and workout or play some basketball whenever I hear it - it just pumps me up. Jordan starts off the song and just kills it. Then R-Swift comes on and does amazing on his verse. This track is definitely another one of my favorites on the album, and of course the concept of the song is a great one. They talk about growing as a Christian and it kind of builds on "Seen Change." "Pass it On" is a nice old school hip hop song. The chorus is a little weak compared to the other tracks on the album; but the verses are really good. This song builds on "Training Day" and basically talks about sharing Christ's love with others and telling people about Christ giving his life for us. The song is pretty slow compared to the rest on the album, but it is a fun one to listen to sometimes. "Awesome God" is legit. The sermon excerpt from Pastor Godair is a great way to start off the song and it is pretty convicting. Jordan then kills the first verse. The song talks about putting our trust in God and not on the world or people around us. I love when he says, "Throw off the deeds of dark and put on the light. That is the armor that you need to stand up and fight. Mano y mano, don't get your mind twirled, we're up against the evils and powers of this world." This song is a great one to listen to if you need to be refreshed...and convicted. Aggrandize means to enlarge or to make greater, and that is exactly the point of Jordan's song "Aggrandize." He says through the song for us to make Jesus greater. This song is what hip hop should sound like. I love it. For a first album, this one is super long: 19 songs. It is a lot of stuff to listen to, but it is definitely worth it. There are few rough spots, but what I really like about The Playground is that the songs that are good, are not just good, they are really good. Jordan has a lot of potential and I really love listening to songs like "Seen Change," "Training Day," "Awesome God," and "Aggrandize." I would highly recommend at least looking up those songs. He has a lot to improve on, but I am really looking forward to hearing more stuff from Jordan. Favorite Song: Seen Change