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John Reuben - So In Hindsight The Professional Rapper Isn't There Yet (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list

1. Do not (Liquid beats club remix)
2. Divine inspiration (Elected Official remix)
3. Gather in (DJ Form remix)
4. Hindsight (Elected Official remix)
5. Breathe (Liquid Beats remix)
6. Doin’ (Liquid Beats remix)
7. Move (DJ Form remix)
8. I haven’t been myself (DJ Form remix)
9. Life is short (Elected Official remix)

Bonus Tracks:

10. Do not (Liquid Beats smoothed out remix)
11. Gather in (Elected Official remix)
12. Life is short (DJ Form remix)

Release Date: 2004
Label: Gotee Records

Similar Artists: KJ-52, Grits, Playdough, Ill harmonics, JustMe, Toby Mac

His most loved tracks get remixed! Nine different songs get remixed and three tracks get mixed twice. Several standout tracks and remix work from: Elected Official, Liquid Beats & DJ Form.