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Imperial & Kinetik - Adventures in Technicolour (MP3)

Formats available: Download

Track list

1. The Adventure Begins
2. One Big Rhyme
3. Higher
4. Good Music
5. Just Another Day
6. Home To An Immovable Species (Skit)
7. The Great Indoors
8. A Lukewarm Beverage and Sweetened Nourishment (Skit)
9. Fix Your Face (feat. Tone Richardson)
10. Fresh (feat. James Gardin)
11. Zone Out (Remix)
12. No In-Flight Entertainment (Skit)
13. Travel The Map (feat. Oddisee)
14. Man Of The House (feat. Tone Richardson)
15. Golden Crown (feat. Elias)
16. The National Soul-Search Helpline (Skit)
17. Not For Sale
18. Travel The Map (feat. Oddisee) [Ess Be Remix]
19. Travel The Map (feat. Oddisee) [Jeremy Arey Remix]

Release Date: April 15, 2016
Label: Illect Recordings


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