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Illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Volume 2 (MP3)

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Track list
1. Theory Hazit "Modern Marvels" featuring Wildchild, Lighthead and DJ Idull
2. Ajax Starglider "Time Clock"
3. Sivion "Here We Go"
4. JustMe "A Curse and a Blessing"
5. Peace 586 "Say Word" featuring Propaganda and Sev Statik
6. This Can't Be True feat. T-mo Goodie and Jawz of Life (as seen on MTV!)
7. Freddie Bruno "Sermon H2O"
8. Falling Tsar "What We Are"
9. CookBook & Uno Mas "Trash Can Bingo"
10. Peace 586 "Oooh Oooh"
11. Scribbling Idiots "That's Life"
12. Sintax the Terrific "King Charles"
13. JustMe "Vacation (Theory Hazit remix)" featuring Scribbling Idiots & Pigeon John
14. Ajax Starglider "Scantrons" featuring Cas Metah & Theory Hazit
15. JustMe & Sintax the Terrific "Death Is Real"
16. Caramel Skillington "Legends of the Fall"
17. Peace 586 "Whileiamhere"
18. Dert "Dancin Butterfly 5"
19. Bore "F"

Release Date: July 26, 2011
Label: ILLECT Recordings

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Reached #1 on the Hip-Hop/Rap chart during the summer of 2011!