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Grits - 7 (CD)

Formats available: CD (autographed)

Track list
1. Here We Go
2. Tennessee Bwoys
3. Make Room Remix
4. Ooh Ahh Remix – featuring TobyMac
5. Where R U Going?
6. Bobbin’ Bouncin’
7. Hittin’ Curves – featuring Syntyst
8. I Be – featuring Pettidee
9. Changes
10. If I
11. I Try – featuring Jason Eskridge
12. Get Down
13. Lovechild – featuring Antonio Phelon
14. High
15. Sippin’ Some Tea
16. Time To Pray – featuring Lisa Kimmey
17. Jay Mumbles Mega Mix – featuring Iz

Release Date: 2006
Label: Gotee Records

Similar Artists: Factors of the 7, DJ Form, Knowdaverbs, Verbs, Pettidee, KJ-52

Grits is a crew that continues to turn out music that strikes a chord with a broad audience of music/hip-hop fans. This is their 7th album to date and it promises to showcase some of their best work yet. 7 appears to be a mash up of the Dichotomy A & B albums with some new remixes and a few additional songs added.