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Giano - B-Sides and Remixes Vol. 2 (MP3)

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Track list
1. Foresight
2. Salute (DnB mix)
3. Fantastic (NrG mix)
4. Prelude to a Love Song (feat. Sinuous, Gayla Robinson, & Lyle Simpson)
5. Spirit vs. Flesh (Sim City mix) (feat. Sivion & Brenda Bailey)
6. Fusion, Fellowship, Fission (Ethereal mix) (feat. Brenda Bailey, Gayla Robinson, & Calista Thomas)
7. We Need(Nouveau mix) (feat. Brenda Bailey & Rone-iff Carr)
8. Faux Interlude
9. No More (feat. BenEvol, Eric Cross, & Gayla Robinson)
10. Society Conscience (feat. Gayla Robinson)
11. In Hindsight (feat. Gayla Robinson)

Release Date: April 3, 2012
Label: Indie

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