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Flame - The 6th (CD)

Formats available: CD + Instant MP3 Download

Track list
1. Try Me (feat. Young Noah)
2. The 6th Day (feat. Chris Lee)
3. The Great Deception
4. Show Out (feat. Lecrae)
5. Trap Money (feat. Thi'sl and Young Noah)
6. Man
7. Caught In the Lights (feat. V. Rose)
8. He Did It Again (feat. AD3)
9. Scripture Alone
10. Running (feat. Steve T)
11. Against the World (feat. V. Rose)
12. Devil's Bread (intro)
13. Devil's Bread
14. Christ Alone
15. Let Go (feat. DecembeRadio)

Release Date: March 6, 2012
Label: Clear Sight Music