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Fab Da Eclectic presents - Last Call (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. LOUD – Give Credit
2. Sundance – Daaang!
3. Fab Da Eclectic featuring Johnny Chop – We Comin’ Through
4. Re:Flex the Architect – Super Villains Have More Fun
5. K-Lee – Keep Tha Pace
6. aTone – The Rain
7. reSEARCH – Dead Ends
8. Pontifex featuring DJ86 – Innocent Victim
9. BillyBo – One Man’s Plan
10. ThaPsalmist2 – Applause for the Lord
11. Jeremiah Bonds – Effortless
12. Shout Outs
13. Details – Perseverance
14. Fab Da Eclectic – Marlon Brando (Remix)
15. Spoken Nerd – Watch Them Fall
16. RationaL featuring DJ Shortop – 3000 miles to Graceland
17. Nomis – Last Call

Release Date: 2009
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Indie hip-hop

Fab Da Eclectic drummed up a super fresh support project for Sphere of Hip-Hop called Last Call. The project features both new and familiar names. It’s rare to find quality compilation releases nowadays and this is one of those you should check. Not only because it benefits the website but because a lot of artists came together to drop some fresh music.