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dropsci.GIANTS - littleONES (CD)

Formats available: CD + Bonus MP3 Download material

Track list
1. lionDEATH (prod. by Signalias, cuts by Nickels of Lojique/Oldominion)
2. shoulderBOUND (feat. Sean P., prod. by Sean P.)
3. blueDAWN (feat. Micronaut, prod. by DJ Frantic, cuts by Sean P.)
4. anthrAPOLOGY (feat. Wonder Brown of Scribbling Idiots, prod. by Beat Rabbi of Deepspace5)
5. iTHIRST (prod. by Jupiter7)
6. farREACHING (feat. MellowDrumAddict, prod. by SameOldJake)
7. weKNOW (prod. by Common Child)
8. hauntedHOUSE (prod. by Proseed of The Beat Boxcar Children, cuts by Sean P.)

Release Date: 2011
Label: ShadowFacts

Similar Artists: Common Child, Jupiter7, reSEARCH, and Paradox

Releasing March 23rd, the much-anticipated debut project from the dropsci.GIANTS crew, consisting of Common Child, Jupiter7, reSEARCH, and Paradox. Their initial effort as a group, “littleONES” is a banging 8-song EP, boasting a different producer on each track (including Beat Rabbi of Deepspace5, Sean P., DJ Frantic, SameOldJake, and others) and guest appearances from Wonder Brown of Scribbling Idiots, Nickels of Lojique/Oldominion, Sean P., MellowDrumAddict, and Micronaut.