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Dave Santos - Stages (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Intro - Stages (feat. Bethany Santos) (Scratches by DJ Bobbito)
2. They Don't Get It (feat. Shames Worthy) (Dave Santos Remix)
3. One Step Ahead instrumental
4. Further Light (feat. Propaganda, Sivion and Sev Statik) (Scratches by DJ Bobbito)
5. We Love the Hate (feat. Scribbling Idiots - Theory Hazit, Mouf Warren, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown & Just Me)
6. Time Fly's Instrumental
7. Everybody (feat. Lyrics 1 and Darleen Mayorga)
8. Fight On instrumental
9. Stages of Life (feat. Man of War)
10. That Feeling instrumental
11. U-turn (feat. Carlos Romo)
12. New Heights instrumental
13. Impact (feat. Klarity and Gideon Valor)
14. The Future instrumental
15. Heavyweights instrumental
16. Outro - Stay Funk-ay

Release Date: 2010
Label: AudioSketchBook

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Since getting my start in 2001, producing 4 beats for Sev Statik's Speak Life album. I have kept busy for the last 8 years off and on, perfecting my craft. For the last two years, I have put my time into my debut album Stages. It is a half instrumental and half collaboration album. Featuring guest appearances by: Shames Worthy, Propaganda, Sivion, Sev Statik, the Scribbling Idiots, Klarity, Gideon Valor, Man of War and (newcomers) Carlos Romo, Lyrics One and Darleen Mayorga.