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Customary - Take Me Away (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Take Me Away
2. Playin For Keeps (feat. Emajyn of Inkrementals)
3. Bringin' Hip Hop (feat. Othello & Darryl Answer)
4. Aiming High (feat. Surreal)
5. The Improvement (feat. Katie Carlene)
6. Such Is Life
7. I=MC2
8. London to the NW (feat. Darryl Answer & Manny Moscow)
9. Slip Away (feat. Pow Shadowz & Big P)
10. The City (feat. Sareem Poems)
11. Fresh Track (feat. Jael KDLV & JFK)
12. I Told You B4 (feat. Big P, Darryl Answer & Katie Carlene)
13. The Product
14. Say What We Have To Say (feat. Emajyn of Inkrementals)
15. Strings of Control (feat. Katie Carlene)
16. Back To Dust (feat. Darryl Answer & Rolo)
17. Don't Abuse Kids (feat. Cush & Petey)
18. Yeah (feat. Jael KDLV & Justin Sweeney)
19. Thank You For Listening

Release Date: 2010
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Soulful jazzy hip-hop, Othello, Surreal, Sareem Poems, Pacific NW hip-hop

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