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Concept7 - Rhymetiquette (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Fivetwelve
2. Highnoon
3. Real
4. Thepicture
5. Greedy featuring Dirt and 7 Lock
6. Drama
7. Rockinthemic
8. Simple
9. Blue
10. M.P.D.
11. Castesystem
12. Stompin
13. Rotate
14. Hiphoplife
15. Riseup

Release Date: 2007
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: grimey beats with sick guitar rifts, old school hip-hop, Dirt, L.A Symphony, Linkin Park, 2pac

Concept7 is: produKt, Mista Min, Zaya, Scoutdapsalmist, SaulPaul, D.J. Drooh Tha Nomad)

The crew consists of 5 emcees and a DJ, mixing the Austin “live music” sound for a unique blend of underground hip-hop. C7 is known for their live shows and incorporating all elements of the hip-hop culture into their performances. Their debut project “Album one: Rhymetiquette” is an explosive surge of creative energy with 15 tracks of non-stop head-bobbin hip hop featuring Fivetwelve, Hiphoplife, Rotate and Greedy (which features guests Dirt and 7-Lock of Shadow of the Locust).