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Chosen1 - Transformation (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Introducin’
2. Heat
3. Yes N’ Deed
4. Personal Epistle
5. Groove On
6. Hands In The Air
7. Transformation
8. Matter
9. The Ultimate
10. Hold Up
11. Flow
12. Alright
13. Memorandum
14. Progression
15. Reverse
16. Encounter

Release Date: 2003
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Mass Reality, Big Rec, Reconcile, Peace 586’s Generation album, Underground Rise – Sunrise Sunset, NOLA hip-hop

You've heard him on Peace 586’s album and Underground Rise. Transformation is the type of album that actually brings hope to the often intangible dream of one day having substantial music pierce the veil of mainstream. This album is laced with a beautiful mesh of clever lyrics with complex rhyme schemes and melodious piano rifts with rough drum kicks.